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Sweet White



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ProductSizePrice ($)
Avantgarde Reisling750 mL13.99
Allegro Moscato750 mL7.49
Bacio de Bolle Moscato750 mL6.99
Barefoot Moscato750 mL5.99
Bartenura Moscato D' Asti750 mL11.99
Beringer Chenin Blanc750 mL5.49
Beringer Moscato750 mL5.49
Bella Sera Moscato750 mL6.49
Bronis Moscato750 mL8.49
Brix Sweet Pinot Grigio750 mL6.49
Candoni Moscato750 mL12.49
Caposaldo Moscato750 mL9.99
Castello Del Poggio Moscato750 mL12.49
Chateau St Jean Gewurtraminer750 mL12.49
Cherry On Top Sweet White750 mL6.49
CupCake Piemonte Moscato750 mL10.99
Ecco Domani Moscato750 mL8.99
Fetzer Gewurtraminer750 mL6.99
Fetzer Riesling750 mL8.99
Flip Flop Moscato750 mL7.49
Gallo Twin Valley Moscato 750 mL3.49
Gancia Moscato D' Asti750 mL12.49
Giacobazzi Moscato750 mL6.49
Gina Moscato750 mL5.49
Glen Ellen Concan Moscato750 mL7.49
Hogue Riesling750 mL7.99
Ironstone Obsession750 mL8.99
IL Conte Moscato D' Asti750 mL10.49
Jacobs Creek Moscato750 mL6.49
Kendall-Jackson Riesling750 mL10.49
Laserva Moscato D' Asti750 mL12.49
Martini & Rossi Moscato D' Asti750 mL9.99
Menage A' Trois Moscato750 mL8.49
Mionetto Il Moscato750 mL8.99
Mionetto Moscato Dolee750 mL11.99
Mirassou Moscato750 mL8.49
Movendo Riesling750 mL7.49
Quady Electra Orange 750 mL8.99
Risata Moscato D' Asti750 mL12.99
Sutter Home Chenin Blanc750 mL4.99
Sutter Home Moscato750 mL5.49
Simply Naked Moscato750 mL7.99
Terra Doro Montovina Moscato750 mL12.49
Twin Springs Sweet Red750 mL6.49
Umberto Fiore Moscato D' Asti750 mL9.99
Vietti Moscato D' Asti750 mL12.49
Yellow Tail Moscato750 mL5.99

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